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18-19 of January 2020


        • Senseï Junior Lefevre, Chief Instructor C.I.K.A.


        • Saterday-Samedi
      • 12H30-13H30: General Training
      • 13H30-15H00: Kata
      • 15H00-16H30: kumite
      • 16h30-18h00: Kata
      • 18h00-19h30: kumite
        • Sunday-Dimanche
      • 10h30-11h30: General Training
      • 11h30-13h00: Kata
      • 13h00-14h30: kumite
      • 14h30-16h00: Kata
      • 16h00-17h30: kumite
        • The fee for the  WE Camp: 120€ kata and kumite
        • The fee for the  WE Camp: 100€ kata or kumite
        • The fee for one day is 70€ kata and kumite
        • The fee for one day is 60€ kata or kumite
        • per lesson: 25€
      • Send me a message if you like to came over on: or
      • Please, write you age/grade
      • To secure the inscriptions please transfer 30% of the total amount to: Summercamps 2015
      • IBAN: BE81652826861024
      • BIC: HBKABE22
      • or via Paypal : (but you must have a paypal account)
      • all classes are at the Champions Dojo
      • Youth Hostel: +/-22€/pp night (2km from dojo)
      • also via (all the hotels are not so fare)
        • Champions Karate Club
          Rue Winston Churchill 412
          4020 Liège


  • The Youth hostel Simeneon

  • Travel info:-
  • From Brussels airport, you have a trainstation at level -2, so you can take the train to go to Liège Guillemain (main Liege train station)
  • From Brussels south (Charleroi, Ryan air), you have to take a bus that goes strait to Charlerio train station and same you can go to Liège Guillemain

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